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Our Services

JM Welding Co. Inc. is proud to serve all major areas in the steel fabrication industry. Many companies specialize only in the fabrication of parts, while others just perform site installations of prefabricated parts. Fewer still are the companies who will only do projects that involve both the combination of both fabrication and installation.

Structural Welding work JM Welding Co. Inc.


Structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication and erection for a variety of work for schools, office buildings, warehouses and all steel aspects needed for the commercial industry.


Bar Joists and deck, Columns and beams, Canopies, roof dunnage frames, door jambs, and headers. Leveling plates, Catwalks and stairs.

Welding work JM Welding Co. Inc.


JM Welding fabricates a complete range of miscellaneous metals to complement its structural steel projects.

Items commonly included in the 05500 category include:



Stairs and Tower and Landings

Lintels/Door Frames



Trench Frames/Covers

Roof Frames

Commerical Welding work JM Welding Co. Inc.


Structural and Miscellaneous steel fabrication and erection for a variety of storage buildings, office buildings, Super Markets, shopping centers.

Residential Welding work JM Welding Co. Inc.


We fabricate and install beams and columns for new home builders and housing developments.

Ornamental Welding work JM Welding Co. Inc.


Interior and exterior railings. Gates and all or any customized pieces needed for safety or simply beauty. Powder Coated railings, and painted. 

Crane Service JM Welding Co. Inc.


Hoisting, rigging, storage facilities for Air conditioning contractors,  Electrical contractors, and Construction contractors.

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